High school is an exciting adventure in learning! At TAA your student will experience the following high-point opportunities:

Students will benefit from the nurturing academic and spiritual environment of TAA.

Students will receive training to competitively impact the media and the arts with a God-directed educational design that dynamically reaches a warring world in need of a Savior.

Students with talents and interests in technology, media, fine arts, performing arts, and missions will find their giftings and aptitudes cultivated through personalized learning tracks.

Students will enjoy college campus activities and trips (i.e. music camps, music school with inclusion of student choir in the Judson University worship arts program to record and perform special music and to participate in college tours; RISE program);global connections through the Foreign Exchange Program; and resources (i.e. library; dark room recording) designed with our education partner, Judson University.

Students may accumulate college dual credit toward an associate degree from Judson University or transferable credits which lead to reduced overall time and cost of college education while fulfilling state high school graduation requirements.

Academy students who have attended Covenant Christian School and/or TAA any full school year from 8th to 12th grade, will receive Judson Scholarships for undergraduate work and potential development for future positions at Judson.

Homeschool families may enroll their students to take specific courses focused on student interests and earn dual credit through Judson during their 11th to 12th grade years. 


In order to establish guidelines for admission to the Technology and Arts Academy, the following procedures have been adopted:

  1. The Admissions Committee is given the authority to admit qualified students.
  2. Approval by the Administration is required in any exception to the following:

I.  Policies

A.  An initial interview shall be conducted with the parent and student. 

B. Designated application forms will be filled out by both the student and parent.

C. A parent (s) shall desire to cooperate in developing their student according to Christian principles.

D.  The student should acknowledge the following:

         1. Recognize the life and character of a follower of Christ (John 3:3;  I Peter 1:23) and agree to the Spiritual and Moral Code of TAA.

         2. Exhibit academic capability as indicated by school records and  standardized test results and adhere to the Academic Code of  TAA.

         3. Demonstrate interest, experience, and/or abilities in the areas of  technology,  the arts, or missions.

         4. Hold no previous educational record of behavioral probation or  expulsion and have a positive record of discipline and emotional adjustment.

E.  Students must fulfill required health and immunization requirements.

F. The Technology and Arts Academy will admit students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at TAA. It will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic programs, and other school administered program (Romans 2:11).

II.  Procedures

A. Schedule an appointment with school administration to determine whether TAA offers the type of education desired by the family (630.788.3446 or 630.801.7955 or email at taa_ju_ccs@yahoo.com)

B. Completed enrollment applications and recommendation forms with accompanying fees

C.  Testing scheduled (8th grade achievement test scores are acceptable for entering 9th graders)

D.  Submission of all required forms including the references, transcript request, health and immunization records, etc.

E.  Student handbook read and signed


Technology † Arts Academy                  2021-2022

Tuition:  $7500

Registration Fee:  $250 (non-refundable due on enrollment)

Technology Fee:   $350 (Covers leasing of computer; software; online classes; wireless/physical connections; security, etc. due first day of school)

Payment Plans

Plan 1:   12 months beginning June 1, 2021-May 1, 2022--- $625 a month

Plan 2:   11 months beginning July 2021--- $682 a month

Plan 3:   10 months beginning August 2021 First day of school---$750 a month

Plan 4:   9 months beginning first day of school through May 1, 2022---$834 a month

Plan 5:   Pay in Full by August 15, 2021 (no registration fee required)


2nd TAA student $400

3rd TAA Student $700

4th+ TAA Student $1000 each

***All TAA/JU textbooks and additional activity fees will be paid directly by parents

Application for Enrollment

Technology & Arts Academy 9th - 12th Grade 
“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” I Peter 4:10
 10 North Edgelawn, Aurora, IL 60506    630.788.3446 or 630.801.7955    www.techartacademy.com 

Student Name ____________________________________________________________    Date _________________  

                                         Last                                First                                                             M.I.   

Address ______________________________________________________________________________    

                                                                        City                                                                            Zip Code

Home Phone Number ______________________     Email _______________________    Grade  ______                                               

Father/Guardian __________________________________   Work Phone __________

Mother/Guardian __________________________________  Work Phone __________



A.  State the reasons you desire to enroll at Covenant Christian Technology and Arts Academy:

B.  As a student, do you agree to follow the *TAA Spiritual, Moral, and Academic Code?*  ____ yes   ____ no   

C. Give a description of your relationship to Jesus Christ. (Include any additional comments on the back of this application.)


D.  Last school attended________________________________________________________________________


A.  How did you first learn of the Technology and Arts Academy?

B.  State the reason you desire to enroll your student in TAA.

C.   As a parent, what will you do to ensure  your student's success in this program?

D.  Are you interested in your student's participation in the Judson University dual credit program? ___Yes   ___No

E.  Do you and your student regularly attend church?  ____ Yes       ____ No

   Name of church __________________________________________________________________________

    Address _________________________________________________________________________________


Check all following categories that represent areas studied and/or interested in:

_____Computer Science 




_____Instrumental Music



_____Dance/Mime/Artistic Expression


______Education/Special Education

_____Sign Language/Spanish/ESL

_____Fine Arts (Drawing/Painting...)

_____Graphic Arts Design

_____Fashion/Interior Design

_____Architecture/Technical Drafting

_____Missions/Christian Ministry

Please list/describe any previous experience you have in technology and in the arts.  Include musical instruments you have studied:




Student signature ___________________________________          Date _________________ 

Parent/Guardian signature ___________________________           Date __________________           

*TAA Spiritual, Moral, and Academic Moral Code: Out of a desire to honor God, TAA students commit to a lifestyle which reflects trust, honesty, and respect for peers, authority, and all property. Students acknowledge that this lifestyle does not condone lying, cheating, stealing, and other dishonorable acts. Committing to this code demonstrates respect for TAA as we strive to glorify God and love others (Matthew 22:37, 39).


TAA Recommendation Form Grades 9-12


Please deliver this form to a pastor, counselor, teacher or other evaluator. The Evaluator may return this document to the applicant in a sealed envelope or mail it directly to Technology and Arts Academy at 1620 North Randall, Aurora, Illinois, 60506 or email to  taa_ju_ccs@yahoo.com. By submitting this evaluation form and in consideration of having this evaluation and application considered by the Technology and Arts Academy (TAA), the student applicant hereby releases TAA, its employees and representatives, the evaluator and the evaluator’s employer and family from any and all claims and liability that may arise from providing, obtaining or using the form and the substance of the information provided by the evaluator.

All information provided on this  evaluation form will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with students, parents or guardians. This evaluation form will remain confidential.

Applicant’s Name ________________________________________________________________________

                                           Last (family) name                          First (given) name                           Middle

Applying for Grade_____________________ Age level _____________            __Male        __ Female           


Applicant’s current school______________________________________


Address of school_______________________________________________


Phone _____________________     Email ____________________________



Applicant’s Signature                                                                                Date



Name of student requesting recommendation for the Technology & Arts Academy:

Last Name __________________________              First Name_____________________________________________                

Years the applicant has been known______________   Relationship to applicant_____________________________

Please indicate, by placing a check mark for your confidential rating of the following qualities for this student:


   Christian Character:  ____ Outstanding ____ Above Average ____Average  ____ Below Average   

    Personality: ____ Outstanding ____ Above Average ____Average  ____ Below Average   

    Energy & Enthusiasm: ____ Outstanding ____ Above Average ____Average  ____ Below Average   

    Relationship with Peers: ____ Outstanding ____ Above Average ____Average  ____ Below Average

    Relationship with Adults: ____ Outstanding ____ Above Average ____Average  ____ Below Average

    Maturity Level: ____ Outstanding ____ Above Average ____Average  ____ Below Average

Overall, to the best of my knowledge I would rate the applicant as academically:

Upper 10% __    Above Average __   Average __  Below Average ___     

Additional Comments: (Please feel free to attach additional materials if needed)



    Evaluator’s Signature                                                                                Date




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10 North Edgelawn, Aurora, IL 60506