Technology & Arts Academy Programs


  • Academy student participation in Judson Music camps and the Judson Community Music school
  • Academy students recording and performing special music with the Judson worship arts program and participation in college tours
  • A joint concert held at Judson University
  • Connection of Judson students with academy students for private instrumental/vocal lessons
  • Inclusion of students in Judson's Choir/Band for recordings, area church events, etc.
  • Introduction to El Sistema strings/and Fox Valley Orchestra
  • Courses in History/Introduction to Music


  • Judson University faculty instruction/input of student art courses at the academy in developing collaborative relationships in the area of fine arts
  • Both on-campus and online Judson classes 
  • Academy student participation in the Children's Youth Theatre productions through Judson
  • Karitos Christian Arts Association
  • Courses in history/ introduction to Art, Dance, Theater, and Photography


  • Student participation in the JU architecture program for establishing the Academy's building plans 
  • Academy instruction through classroom instructors, Judson online computer courses, and other online affiliates (i.e.
  • Video and filmmaking experiences through Judson computer science department
  • Courses in History/Introduction to Computer Science and Filmmaking 

Media & Communications

  • Student access to Judson media resources, i.e. recording, dark room, etc.
  • Field experiences with area radio stations; contribution of media personalities i.e. Cisco Cotto WBBM; Jim Gibson; Denise Crosby, etc.
  • Courses in Journalism, Sign Language, and Spanish



  • Students focusing on the field of education will tap into JU's RISE program for students with intellectual disabilities
  • Academy students participation in local and Judson mission trips
  • Cross-generational discipleship opportunities as JU mission students  model and mentor Academy students in local, national, and foreign mission outreaches

Judson Experiences

  • Academy student field trips to Judson to experience university life
  • JU Scholarships for undergraduate work for Academy and CCS graduates having attended any full school year from 8th to 12th grade
  • Potential for development of TAA students for future professorships at Judson
  • Judson opportunities for Academy faculty, students, families, and alumni to attend special Judson campus events, i.e. chapel, guest speakers, concerts, ministry events, and community programs 

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